Western-Dyer Productions create inspired content for online platforms. Wielding aesthetic, sonic and emotive languages with effortless fluency, WD-Productions create campaigns that compel targeted audiences towards your desired outcomes. 

Our Niche

Visuals attract our attention, music evokes our feelings and the story holds us in place. Skill and experience can combine these three elements but passion, drive and meticulous attention fuse these elements into a compelling impact that inspires action. 



2018 - I Heart Song Writing Club Online Commercial

Creative services that operate exclusively online benefit from content that warms as well as informs their audience. Tone and tempo in a direct address to camera must feel authentic and align with the service/product on offer. Our brief was to show how the I Heart Song Writing platform will 'make you a better songwriter'. This was achieved through comprehensive script editing, interview performance coaching, curating supporting material and showing the story of a songwriter's journey through her own songwriting challenges.

2019 - ArTour Performance Case Study - Advocacy 

ArTour is a company that enables artists to tour to a broad network of regional and remote locations in Queensland. In order to continue to enjoy the funding and support from organisations like Arts Queensland and the Tim Fairfax foundation, it is necessary to advocate for the success and cultural impact of the performances. Our brief was to capture the feeling of goodwill and legacy in the community.


2018 - Tiddlywinks Disco and Playcentre Online Commercial

At face value, Tiddlywinks is a children’s play centre on the north-side of Brisbane. Yet the thousands of customers that frequent Tiddlywinks on a monthly basis will tell you that there is no other place like it. At the heart of this family business is a passionate team of people dedicated to curating the perfect balance of elements to enable parents to unleash their inner-child so they can reconnect with their outer child. Our brief was to capture this re-connection in action and to create the Tiddlywinks jingle.