ELLA - Released!

At the end of 2015 I received a Careers Development Grant to study songwriting and production in the UK. Years spent in the ephemeral arts of improvised music had left me with very little tangible work to share with people, so I was delighted to receive this grant which allowed me precious time to focus on and develop my songwriting. Without being aware of it, I spend most of my day believing that I don’t have the time to do the things I really want to do. So when it comes to writing a song I often dismiss my bigger ideas as too time-consuming, thinking I should instead be doing something more important.

Now that the song 'ELLA' is finished, it feels like one of the most important things I have done. In hindsight, I can’t imagine how anything could be more important than sharing the expression of my love for Ella and my family. This song is a way for me to connect with the wider community of parents who have experienced the joys and challenges of bringing children into this world. It is also a celebration of the wonder and the warmth of early childhood and reminder for us all to cherish those precious moments.

Demos - Composed | Recorded | Produced

Writing, recording, performing and producing music is my favourite thing to do. I'm always looking for other artists or producers to collaborate with, so, do get in touch.  

Song Comissions

Mummy Who Am I -  Authors Gail Headley & Jacqui Conias Published by Moorooka, Qld. Watson Ferguson, 2014 (APRA Registered)    2014 
Freedom Song - Yarrabah the Musical Sung by five time Platinum Australian Idol Alumni - Casey Donovan (APRA Registered)    2012 
Spray Paint Wizard, Way out West, Spray Paint Cowboy - Super Finish Express annual conference    2010-14 
Everyday Adventure, Monster Feast, Lissa and Nee Nee Theme Song, We Forgot about Christmas, Christmas is a feeling - Original music for Children’s Act Lissa and
Nee Nee   2009-14

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